Australian StoneSeal can perform two types of Epoxy Finishes they are SINGLE COLOUR or DESIGNER FLAKE.

Single colour is an epoxy floor rolled out in an Australian Standard colour of your choice.

Designer Fake are decorative paint flakes incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyurethane. These floor systems are a great alternative to other types of floor/wall coverings. The paint flakes are colourful, tough, low maintenance, seamless and hygienic system for floors, walls and other surfaces for residential and commercial purposes.

Australian StoneSeal has  a variety of single and blended Flake colours to ensure customers have a wide range to choose from:

  • Standard Blends – are available in (micro 1/8″on request-extra charge applies)(Small 1/4″) or (Large 1/2″)
  • Marbletone Blends – are available in  (Micro 1/8″on request-extra charge applies),(Small 1/4″) or (Large 1/2″)
  • New Generation Blends- are available in  (micro 1/8″on request-extra charge applies), ( Small 1/4″) or (Large 1/2″ on request-extra charge applies)
  • Stonegrip Blends –   are available in (Micro only 1/8″) (Slip Rated floor to RI0/RI2) – (Can be produced into micro & small with no-stone on request- extra charge applies)
  • Classic Marble – are available in (Micro 1/8″on request-extra charge applies),(Small 1/4″),(Large 1/2″) or (XL size 1″)
  • Single Colours – are available in (Micro 1/8″), (Small 1/4″) or (Large 1/2″)
  • Stone Look Range – available in one only mix, that is made up of various sizes of our Flakes to create our Stone effect range.
  • Glow Flakes – available in 2 colours only Yellow/Green & Aqua Blue Sizes (Micro 1/8″),(Small 1/4″) or (large 1/2″)

Excellent garage floor coating. For a larger blend range of flake floors please contact us on 1300 720 699.


Designer Flake colour chart :

Designer Flake Brochure

Safety Data Designer Flake


Straight Colour Below :

Australian Standard Colour Chart



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